Scratchboard artist and photographer, Cathy Sheeter, with her Belgian Sheepdogs, Maddie and Tryst
About the Artist

Cathy Sheeter is quickly becoming known as one of the premier wildlife and western scratchboard artists of today. Her mastery of the difficult scratchboard medium is evident in the outstanding quality of each of her works. Highly detailed and realistic, her scratchboard art is often mistaken for photographs at a distance. Cathy has only been exhibiting her work since 2008 but her rapid accent into highly respected wildlife and western exhibitions and ever increasing number of awards and publications is making her work increasingly collectable worldwide. Cathy’s work is instantly recognizable due to its life-like eyes, anatomical accuracy, strong compositions, and sense of light which help bring the viewer into the world of her animal artwork creations.

Cathy was born in 1979 and grew up in a very remote town in Eastern Oregon, where she was immersed in a community with small town values, rich in ranching, agriculture and open spaces. Her love for the natural world was encouraged by her family and she owned (and showed) countless animals throughout childhood. Animals and the western lifestyle continue to be central components of her life and the focus of much of her art. Cathy was fortunate to have a family that encouraged her artistic interests and talents from early childhood. She took art classes throughout high school and was first introduced to the medium of scratchboard in those classes. While Cathy chose to major in animal sciences in college, she never stopped creating art in her free time.

Cathy's primary choice of mediums is the non-traditional scratchboard. Scratchboard is a form of direct etching where the artist starts with a masonite panel that is coated with white clay and then topped with a thin layer of black ink. A sharp pointed tool is then used to scratch away the black ink and expose the white clay below (leaving a black and white image). The image can then be colored with inks if desired. Scratchboard is regarded by many artists as one of the most difficult mediums to master as it requires excellent drawing skills and attention to fine details. The medium does not allow for many mistakes and the artist must be able to convey many different textures all with just lines or dots. Large and complex pieces can take weeks to complete. Cathy also enjoys working in graphite pencil, color pencil, and pastels.

Cathy first started exhibiting her work and entering national juried shows in 2008 where her work was rewarded with several top awards. In 2008 Cathy also applied to the prestigious Society of Animal Artists for membership and was delighted to be selected as a signature member (top membership ranking) on her first try. Continuing her journey into the professional art world her list of awards continues to grow. It has included top awards at the Greeley Stampede Invitational Western Art Show receiving both the Commissioners Purchase Award and People's Choice. Her work has also been juried into top wildlife art shows including the Woodson Museum's "Birds in Art", Society of Animal Artists "Art and the Animal", and LSU "Animals in Art".

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Calendar of Exhibits where Cathy's
Scratchboard Art is Available for viewing:

November 20, 2010 - February, 2011: Society of Animal Artists 'Art And The Animal' 50th Anniversary -
The Wildlife Experience Museum, Parker, CO

April 2011: The Governor's Art Show-
Loveland, CO

End of June - July 2011: The Greeley Stampede Invitational western Art Show-
Greeley, CO

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