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"Cathy did this pencil drawing of my Maggie (Bernese Mountain Dog) for me, and I have enjoyed looking at it every day. I envy her talent, and the drawing looks so much like Maggie that it's just amazing!!"
-Pat, Pennsylvania

"Cathy is a very talented artist. I won a raffle which Cathy had donated a drawing of one of my animals. I chose my collie, Heidi. She did a great job capturing Heidi's personality in the drawing!"
-Joanne, Oregon

"WOW! That is absolutely FANTASTIC! I LOVE IT!!! That IS Baxter (Golden Retreiver)! You've totally captured his personality. I really like it how you put the touch of grass on his feet instead of the full background, I'm glad you suggested that - it looks GREAT! Of course I'm biased, but I think this is some of your finest work. Especially the way you've captured the "spring" in his hind legs/feet and the "lay" of his ears. Unbelievable."
-RJW, Arizona

"When it was time for my last guide dog puppy, Tahiti (Labrador Retreiver), to return for training, Cathy surprised me with a pencil drawing of her. It occupies a prominent postion in the living room and every time I look at it, I'm reminded of what a lovely dog she is. Cathy captured the essence of Tahiti in that drawing."
-Mary-Alice, Oregon

"Now I can say I own a 'Sheeter' drawing before Cathy became famous! What a great birthday present!"
-Vicki, Colorado

"I love the pictures Cathy has done of my animals. They are so alive! Her attention to detail is amazing. I will cherish them for the rest of my life."
-Lauren, Colorado

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